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Accelerate the process of modernization to make construction waste production surge, in order to protect the environment, construction waste processing is imperative to move Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. production of construction waste crushing plant can be turning waste into treasure, as the city's infrastructure construction contribute. Then we introduce the features and advantages of mobile crushing station. 

mobile jaw station

Mobile crushing station is integrated the entire unit is integrated practices to solve the complex requirements of the venue of the machine, eliminating the assembly line process, reducing the consumption of materials and man-hours, the greatest degree of optimization of the configuration of the facility stationed at the venue space. Tire type mobile crushing station mobility and flexible, able to crush the material for the first scene, reducing the cost of transportation of materials. Standalone mobile crushing station can complete the job, and this machine stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance, high crushing efficiency, broken particle size is good, with reasonable structure design, the maximum extent possible to meet coarse crushing and screening needs of medium and fine materials, strict follow environmental standards. 

Loop mobile crushing station is mainly used for construction waste recycling, crushing and screening building materials, construction waste can maximize the turning waste into treasure.

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