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Sand washer can clean separation of sand stone powder in the soil, its novel sealing structure, reliable transmission device, ensure that the cleaning dehydration effect, is a kind of efficient use of sand washing equipment. Sand washer can be divided into two types: XS sand washer and XL sand washer. 
sand washing machine
XS Sand Washer
sand washer
XL Sand Washer
It can be Remove cover sand surface impurities, at the same time, destruction of coated sand moisture layer, to facilitate dehydration, efficient sand washing cleaning effect. The working principle of sand washing machine work, motor through the triangle, reducer, gear reducer drive slowly rotating impeller after sand has a feeding trough into the basin, under the drive of the impeller, and mutual grinding, remove cover impurity on the surface of the sand and gravel, and destruction of the coated sand moisture layer, favors the dehydration; 
Adding water at the same time, form a strong current, to take away impurities and the proportion of small foreign body in time, and from the spillway trough eduction, complete the cleaning effect. Clean sand by the leaves away, and finally into the sand from rotating impeller discharge chute, complete sand cleaning effect. 
sand washing machine Characteristics: The sand washing machine machine structure is simple, the impeller drive bearing device with water and the water isolation material greatly avoid the bearing damage phenomenon caused by flooding, sand and pollutants. 
sand washing machine has obvious advantages:structure is simple, maintenance is convenient;large quantity, low power consumption;  less vulnerable parts consumption and low use cost. 
Sand washing machine is widely used in the construction site, sandstone factory, hydropower station, concrete dam site, and other industry, it has high XiJingDu, reasonable structure, large capacity, low consumption, in the process of sand washing sand loss less, especially sand washing machine transmission parts with water, sand isolation, so the failure rate is much lower than the current commonly used sand washing machine, is the best choice for domestic sand washing industry upgrading

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