YIFAN was Invited to the Forum on Energy-saving


YIFAN was Invited to the Forum on Energy-saving and Emission-reduction and Construction Waste Recycling

Henan Shengtian Environmental & Renewable Resource Utilization Co., Ltd. is one of Zhengzhou enterprise specialized in construction waste recycling. At the meeting, the representative of the corporation introduced their technological innovation in the field of construction waste recycling in detail. It was learned that the enterprise had established the first construction waste research and demonstration base in the province and introduced domestic most advanced construction waste recycling equipment and technology. For example, the construction waste recycling equipment(portable crusher) manufactured by Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd. has made a great contribution to the development and growth of the company. First, they can use YIFAN construction waste recycling equipment to sort and crush construction waste into required size. After treatment, construction waste can be produced into renewable building materials, not only realizing the recycling of construction materials but conserving resources.

Energy-saving forum

At present, the process of urbanization is accelerated ceaselessly, but how to change a large number of construction waste into treasure? On Jan.19, 2013, the summit on Henan energy conservation and emissions reduction and construction waste recycling was held in Zhengzhou. It was jointly organized by provincial promotion association on energy conservation and emissions reduction and so on. Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., Ltd., the pioneer in construction waste recycling equipment technology, was also invited. At the Forum, experts, relevant department managers and many enterprise representatives got together and discussed deeply the issues that  how to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, how to improve the construction waste recycling rates and environmental protection.

Energy-saving forum

After thorough discussion and interaction, many experts thought that to solve the problem of construction waste recycling we must take the development road of recycling economy. The government should take resource management of construction waste and at the same time put forward relevant supporting policies to encourage all walks of life to participate in the construction waste recycling.


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