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Construction waste product of the urban metabolism must stay, in the development of urban infrastructure construction, urban development burden. Not just in China, many cities in the world are facing garbage siege situation. How to deal with these construction waste, is a growing concern social issues. Urban construction waste, including urban construction department of excavation waste arising from the construction of new buildings, the waste generated by the demolition project, road construction and conservation process waste generated. Although the majority of construction waste is non-toxic and harmless, but if the simple landfill, not only affect the urban environment, waste of land resources, but also caused a huge waste of energy and resources. Reasonable use of construction waste is not only related to environmental protection, and also rich in business opportunities.

portable crusher
Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., independent research and development through the construction waste disposal technology - portable crusher equipment, it has advanced the scene processing technology and mining technology, can demolish any mobile venue to adjust the operating point can also be choose different devices upon request processing stone. In the course of mining operations, with its own the dustproof device can reduce the dust pollution of the scene. Diesel-powered, safe and reliable, run-time using the automatic control mode, such as operation and maintenance is very simple.
Yifan produced the poratble crusher equipment control system uses PLC technology combined with touch screen control, so that the operator can intuitively understand the operation of the equipment package, the machine runs, only need to set the production parameters, control systems can be realized production throughout centralized control, remote monitoring of the vibration and temperature, but also on a bearing system of the portable crusher. This will increase the degree of automation equipment, improve efficiency, and greatly reduced the number of front-line staff, saving the cost of production. Efficient and equipped with the jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, crushing and screening equipment to improve mobile crushing capacity. Package of equipment mounted on a movable frame to achieve full mobile, mobile production site to facilitate the move operation.
Promote the comprehensive utilization of construction waste, to achieve economic, ecological and social benefits promoted simultaneously coordinated development, the future direction of development. Professional handling of construction waste portable crusher resource utilization involves a number of issues of social, economic, environmental, construction waste resource utilization can bring huge social, environmental, comprehensive benefits, and to promote the development of green building, sustainable development contribute.

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