YIFAN poratble crusher in Inner Mongolia gold mining


A few days ago, in the Inner Mongolia Hadamengou mine discovered King gold mine by experts initially identified, nearly 70 tons of gold reserves of the veins, the potential economic value of 270 billion yuan. According to reports, the sum of the reserves are proven mine reached 50 tons that is known as the oversize mine, and the proven gold mine, only a single pulse body reserves near 70 tons, it is rare in the country.

The Hadamengou mine is located in Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, nine of the original Al Gore as ACU complex and the Urad flag Shadegaisu wood wooden territory, geological structure and mineralization favorable conditions, it is one of our very large gold mine. Up to now, the mine accumulated proven gold reserves of 127 tons.

portable crusher

In 2010, the Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Co., sent to Inner Mongolia Baotou a gold mine of a jaw crusher series poratble crusher station to provide a strong technical support for the mine. Yifan machinery jaw crusher poratble crusher station biggest advantage is mobility, can reduce the space occupied, the cost of equipment installation, material handling, industrial electricity and manual. Jaw crusher poratble crusher plant for coarse crushing, grinding and sieving system can be stand-alone group to work independently, and can also be flexible joint operation unit composed of system configuration.

Yifan machinery jaw crusher poratble crusher station excellent technical performance has been widely promoted in the Inner Mongolia region. Jaw crusher poratble crusher plant will contribute their efforts to the proven large gold mining.

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