Productivity crusher those factors

Production capacity of the crusher and what factors are associated
Crusher crushing capacity refers to the number of broken material per unit of time , the unit generally used : tons / hour.
Factors affecting the production capacity of the crusher are many:
1, the hardness of the material. Harder materials broken up more difficult and more serious wear and tear on equipment . Broken slow course crushing capacity is small .
2, the humidity of materials, ie materials containing moisture is large , the material in the crusher content easy to adhere to , but also easy to plug the next conveying process , resulting in crushing capacity decreases.
3 , the fineness of the crushed material , fineness demanding , which requires breaking out the finer material , the crushing capacity is smaller.
4 , the composition of the material , the more material in powder broken before impact with the more crushing because these adhesion of powder is easy to transport . For more fines content should advance once sieve.
5 , the viscosity of the material . That the viscosity of the material , the more likely adhesion .
6 , broken pieces ( hammer , jaw ) , the better the wear resistance of crushing equipment crushing the larger capacity , if not wear, will affect the crushing capacity .

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