Portable crushers occupies an important position in construc


Portable crusher occupies an important position in construction waste disposal

At present,the most outstanding spot in 1025" planning is satisfying the needs of Energy conservation and emission reduction, development of a recycling economy and build a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society.Infrastructure construction produces a large number of construction waste,they will pollute environment and be harm to people's health
According to the problems, portable crusher bring the hope to construction waste.YIFAN use their own portable crusher combined with auxiliary construction garbage brick press machinery,to provide the service of construction waste diaposal, make contributions to the society.
Construction waste is conveyor to the portable crushers' feeding hole,and be crushed and screened by portable crushers, with no second pollution,the construction waste all can be used.Concrete block after smashing stones can be system cement pipe, brick slag grain can be used as a concrete aggregate, lightweight aggregate, the production of ordinary concrete and high performance concrete bricks, replace sand wall and painting building, clinker, loess mixed grain into the self-built stabilized soil mixing station production stabilized soil (three, seven orthod) sell, scrap steel, scrap iron wire, scrap wire and various accessories, and other metal, can bake again reprocessing.
YIFAN portable crusher is adopted in Beijing, Hangzhou,Shenzhen,Kunming and so on.YIFAN Machinery company do their best to build their own brand.

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