Impact crusher are superior to hammer crusher by its unique


Impact crusher are superior to hammer crusher in production capacity, power consumption, repair and maintenance, and other aspects. YIFAN impact crusher not only simple in structure, power consumption province, large crushing ratio, and uniform particle size has unique advantages. Therefore, it is widely used in metallurgy, coking, chemical industry, building materials, refractories and other industrial sectors.

impact crusher
Impact crusher advantages:

1. Impact Crusher is suitable for both soft materials and suitable for very large hardness materials;

2. It can be convenient and flexible to adjust discharging size, wide range of adjustment;

3. Wearing parts wear small than hammer crusher, high utilization of metal;

4. The impact crusher can effectively deal with the moisture content of a large amount of material, and prevent crusher clogging;

5. Spare parts easy to replace, and a corresponding reduction in maintenance costs;

Impact Crusher work principle:
Impact Crusher rely on the counterattack force to achieve a crushing effect, after bulk material into the crushing chamber, obtain kinetic energy by the rotating action of the rotor portion, repeated shocks between Counter plate and rotor, respectively, by first-class strike chamber, the the second level counterattack cavity and the bottom of the grinding chamber progressively crushing, and achieve the required discharge size.

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