Impact Crusher use should focus on conservation


It is understood that for the mining and sand and gravel aggregate production in Guizhou, reference the quality of crushed material, Impact Crusher is the most suitable crushing equipment, and with a wide use range, to meet requirements such as limestone, barite, granite. So, there are more impact crusher broken in stone crushing production line in Guizhou province. Only targeted for the choice of the crusher, can be reached basis crushing requirements, get maximum benefit and minimize investment.

impact crusher

The same time, with the large-scale development of China's highway construction, road building materials use and speed of development is also growing fast, traditional building material widely used, but it has become increasingly unable to meet the requirements of the rapid development of highway construction on the high standards of engineering, foundation engineering. Either the Guizhou region or other regions of China, concrete, steel, reinforced concrete and asphalt and asphalt concrete plays an irreplaceable role in contemporary road construction. The gravel market prospects especially artificial sand production is still popular.

Impact crushers are generally able to handle the large solid particles of diameter in meters below, and the compressive strength is quite large, the broken performance is quite high, after crusher solid particles, solid particles will be showing a lot of similar cubeshape, ideal for the production of stone. YIFAN Machinery to remind the general impact crusher user, the impact crusher during installation when certain maintenance have enough space for late maintenance engineers timed maintenance. The most critical, we must pay attention to the location of the various components impact crusher offset, deformation, and to tighten all screws, check the tightness of whether good, check the reliability of the hydraulic system impact crusher, there is no dripping occurs, to ensure the equipment normal operation for a long time.

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