Green Energy Impact Crusher become the new standard for futu


Along with social progress and industrial economic development, environmental protection, energy saving industrial production has been more and more constant attention. Especially high contamination of cement, sand and gravel industry, mineral processing industry, these industries can not be separated from the stone raw crusher equipment, such as impact crusher, hammer crusher, limestone crusher, sand making machine, etc. Green crusher equipment in order to comply with the conditions of environmental chemical industry development.

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The domestic crusher industry leader Yifan Machinery had the foresight, has long been aware of the existence of these problems. In the past two years and continuing commitment to the efficient and environmentally friendly the crusher equipment R & D design, focus on improving the limestone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher, sand making machine, crushing equipment production capacity and overall performance. Determined to contribute their efforts to the efficient and environmentally friendly building materials industry and the production of energy-saving and low consumption in China.

It is worth mentioning that the new Yifan Machinery Impact Crusher is my company in the introduction of Germany advanced technology based on the absorption, combined with China's domestic the gravel industry specific mining conditions, developed a series of new and efficient powerful impact crusher machine. It can be used for the second and tertiary crushing operations, significantly lower power consumption, greatly reduce the over-flour yield, reduce dust pollution and noise pollution to a great extent, is the real green efficient large-scale impact crusher.

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