Our Idea:Success of Client, Innovation with Technology, Sincerity and Responsibility.
Comprehensive Service:
The quality of service is as important as the quality of product in Yifan's eyes.The quality of Service is another core capality our corporation has cultivated.

Our corportation regards offering the clients high quality service as the basic principle,pursues overall, fast, timely service character,makes hte high quality service range from before sale to after sale.

Our corporation has established the well-per-formed after-sale service system and accessories,wear-parts supplying system all over the world .Our corportaion has its own wear-parts manufactory,we can offer our clients high quality wear-parts to reduce the cost of the cilents.
Service Field:
(1) To select the suitable model for clients.
(2) Design the best flow chart.
(3) We can design and manufacture our equipments according to the special requirements of client.
(4) Assign the technical expert to install the equipment at filed for client.
(5) Field training for operators.
(6) We have our own foundry plant. We could

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